A Movement For Evolutionary Change

Many change management practices were born during the 20th century when industrial manufacturing reigned supreme, and the Bee Gees topped the charts - it was a simpler time. In the 40+ years since those change management practices haven't adapted well to the Digital Age. Their primary objective has been to cater to top-down, plan-driven, and one-size-fits-all change management practices that revolve around resistance management. When change is applied to people as if they are machines, they tend to resist more often. In the Digital Age, the advantage is no longer being the first to market; it's how an organization responds to the pace of change that comes afterward.  

At Evolvement Change, we believe in a better way to empower organizational change than making decisions in closed offices and board rooms. Instead, we prefer taking a human-centric, transparent, and inclusive approach because we've found that when the people impacted by a change help define the change, they don't resist the change.

When change is the constant, how people respond is the variable.  

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    Jan 10, 2022, 1:00 PM EST – Jan 12, 2022, 4:30 PM EST
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About Us

Ken and Kim Rickard started evolvement Change LLC in 2021 to increase awareness of the challenges Industrial Age management and change practices bring to organizations in the complexity of the 21st century. We strive to help people do better by sharing our knowledge and passion for personal and organizational change with those striving to become better people. We do this by sharing practical Management 3.0 techniques and facilitating our Lean Organizational Change courses. We hope you join our movement for modern change, and we hope to see you soon in our classes. 

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